Sunday, June 17, 2012

life's a beach and we're playing in le sand

Saturday, on my one and only day off, we took a road trip to Ormond Beach. Ok..not much of a roadtrip since it's barely an hr away lol, but it was  a much needed trip. We played in the sand, swam with the fishys and I almost drowned, no exaggeration. My life flashed in front of me and everything. I need to take it out of my head, i'm not a big macho surfer and I CAN'T take on the big waves with just a boogie board after all...I don't usually bring my rinky dink phone with me out on the beach, but I did this one time. I can't get K to stand still for a picture when she's playing, but I did capture this one picture of Lee..I enjoyed it so much that i'd figure i'd share with ya'll..

caught in the act! Running towards me at full speed because she found a clam. Besides the beauty that is my daughter, look at the beach. White sands, clear water and blue skies, who could ask for such a better day??

Anywho, it's sunday, my fangs are out...Happy True Blooding :)