Friday, August 12, 2011

Beach and cake!

Good morning!! It's such a beautiful Friday morning, and i'm feeling good so why not update? Last month was our beach vacation and Kaley's 3rd bday! Time sure knows how to fly by. Any who, we spent a weekend at Daytona Beach. A simple, quick get away, since we only live about 30 mins away. It was probably the best vacation I've had in a long time. We spent hours on the beach, hours playing in the boardwalk's arcades, and ate yummy know i'm a sucker for food, especially those boardwalk fries! *daydreams and drools*....sorry

I honestly don't know where Karessa gets her silly side..ok, well maybe I do lol

Shortly after our beach trip was Lee's birthday. I have this obsession with making birthday cakes instead of going out to a bakery, and getting the typical HAPPY BIRTHDAY *insert favorite character* Lee is into ballerinas, but after looking almost everywhere for what I wanted, I gave up and decided to do her second favorite, Princesses! I'm proud of my little cake, and I know she loved it too. Did I mention how tasty it was? No? Well..mmmmmmm!

My princess. She wouldn't look at the camera, too distracted lol


  1. I loveeeeed that cake! Wish I could've had some! Love the picture of you guys on the beach!

  2. Thank ya dahling! You know that cake was gone in a day or two right? haha