Thursday, September 8, 2011

missing teeth and lady shoes ;)

GUESS WHAT! K lost her first tooth last night! It came as a complete surprise. I knew it was a little loose, but I didn't think it would come out that fast! She was happy then scared when she saw the blood, but she got over it quickly once I told her she's turning into a big girl! We sat down and drew a picture for the tooth fairy, and put the tooth and the picture in an envelope under the pillow. The "tooth fairy" must have loved it because she left K a dollar ;) Look at her big goofy smile!

In other news, I'm still feeling under the weather, and this cough can go to hell!!! TO HELL! But, I did say i'd post the shoes I bought this past weekend. I can never pass up a good sale and Payless had their BOGO shindig going on and mommy likes BOGO :)

I am IN love with these gray suede shoes. They were only 24.99! The flats are called the "popstar" i'm not gonna lie, the saleslady talked me into them lol. They were half off so what the hay!

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