Friday, November 4, 2011

Don't be a trick, give me yo treats!

How was everyone's Halloween? Did you get tons of candy? I know we sure as hell did. 3 big ol bags that'll probably last for a few weeks..who am I kidding? The chocolate is almost gone lol! Let's get right into my post. As you can see, my costume was the Black Swan. Awesome movie. Awesome costume! The best part is that I put it together myself. All I had to buy was the makeup, feathers, gems, and tutu. I think it's so much fun making your own costume. Shows creativity!

The Saturday before Halloween, my sister and I decided to get together with a bunch of friends to celebrate in Downtown Orlando. It was a very good night. Even though we left earlier then expected. Nina's feet hurt lol.

^ This is of the best guys I have ever known! Love him to death! And the crazy one with the tongue out back there is Jenn lol

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