Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'll be in the beyond section, ask for me!

I am SO excited to tell everyone the great news! I GOT A NEW JOBBY JOB! I haven't worked in a very long time, was too busy with school and taking care of the kids, but since i'm still working on getting my boards, I needed a part time job and FAST! While shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, I bumped into my old manager who's now working at the BB&B closer to my house. I asked him if they were willing to re-hire me, since I worked there before I had Kaley, and two days later i'm hired! I'm ecstatic! I know it's nothing too fancy, but it will definitely help pay the bills. I went from having no license, no high school diploma and no job to having all of that in just a matter of months! I guess when you really set your mind to something, things start to happen. This couldn't have come at a better time since Christmas is just around the corner. Maybe by next year i'll have my own place :)

*In my Britney voice* Wish me luck ya'll!

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